Don’t Forget to Pre-order Book One

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Monday is just over a day away and the full version of book one, Soul Bearer, will be released. I am so excited! I know a library has already purchased it, which is really cool. Right now you can preorder it at  Right now the preorder price is just $2.99, but Monday it will go up to $3.99. So check it out.

I already have book two of the Soul Bearer trilogy written, but it needs a good cleaning up. Hopefully I will be starting that soon and plan to have it ready for publishing in 6-8 months. That is the plan, but we will have to see what life throws at me. I am 33.5 weeks along with baby number 2, and I bet she is going to keep me busy. I think she thinks she is ready to come out, because she likes to kick and squirm like crazy.

Please don’t forget to check out Soul Bearer by Josi Wales and let me know what you think. On Monday it should also be available at iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and a few more. Thanks!

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