Unrequited Love

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Unrequited Love

Three times in my life I have felt strong feelings for someone without the return of their interest. I look back now and wouldn’t say it was love, but the desire to love someone. Love now has a whole new meaning to me with ups and downs that can build unity or tear apart. But the idea of loving someone … Read More

Life Lesson Taught By a Quilt

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Life Lesson Baby Blanket

Life Lesson Taught By a Quilt   As a child my grandmother would make quilts for me and my siblings. I now know the materials can be very expensive and are not an easy task to put together. We usually received the quilts on Christmas, which is when every little kid is hoping for awesome surprises. To me this was … Read More

New Short Story – The Fissure

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Here is a short story I wrote a few years ago. Just remembered I had it and thought I would share. I hope you enjoy!   The Fissure   Once upon a time there was a deep fissure far out in the desert. The poor fissure was sad, feeling empty and sorry for itself. Being split apart and wide open left … Read More

Free Until Black Friday!

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Get Soul Bearer FREE! From now until black friday, you can download the e-book for FREE! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Get it here! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/378040

Soul Bearer on Sale Now!

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March 2-8 is Read An Ebook Week. For the next couple days you can purchase Soul Bearer at 75% off! Get it now while it’s on sale. http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/378040

Baby Item Gift Cards

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Time is flying and I only have two weeks left til this baby’s due date arrives. I am passed ready, but nervous. Its been ten years since my son was born, so I hope it all comes back quick. Well I am pretty set with all the baby items I need, but I have 4 gift cards for some really … Read More

Winter Fun!

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Now that winter is here, for some a little more than others, what is everyone doing for entertainment? Here in texas we are in the 40’s, so not much snow to play in, but we aren’t frozen. What are you doing when it’s cold outside? The days are passing so fast. We already have less than two weeks till christmas. … Read More

Don’t Forget to Pre-order Book One

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Monday is just over a day away and the full version of book one, Soul Bearer, will be released. I am so excited! I know a library has already purchased it, which is really cool. Right now you can preorder it at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/378040  Right now the preorder price is just $2.99, but Monday it will go up to $3.99. So … Read More

Pre-order Book One Now!

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After a few years of working on this trilogy, book one is finally up and available for pre-order. The full version of Soul Bearer will be available for purchase/download on December 9, 2013. Right now the pre-order price is only $2.99. Once the full version is released it will bump up a dollar to $3.99. So pre-order now! Until then … Read More

New Book For The Book Club

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So, I slacked for a bit and didn’t get a new book up, sorry, but I have one now. I have been going through my own book and have been occupied with that. That step is done for now, as someone else goes through it, before I do one last sweep, take a deep breath, and post it online. I … Read More