Sneak Peek #1 Background Story

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While we are in the process of nervously biting our nails and hoping for the phone to ring with a publisher on the other end, I wanted to give a quick introduction of the main character, Johnny, and the story behind the scene I have selected for the first sneak peek. The book is seen through Johnny’s perspective and is accompanied by his closest friend Nathan. The two of them struggle and stumble through the aggravating dilemmas caused by taking on more than they can handle. Pushed here and there, and forced into unwanted situations, the presence of death’s grasp at their backs.

The scene I chose to post as the first sneak peek originated from a personal experience of my own. I think it is the closest I have been to true fear, the kind that grips you and petrifies your whole being. I’m sure there are worse moments than mine, but I will never forget it.

Being a mother you get those moments when you are fast asleep, but you can sense your child’s presence and you wake up before they even whisper “mom”. This was one of those nights, or so I thought. I woke to the feeling that my son was entering my room and I raised my head to look. At first my sleepy eyes had to adjust until I could see the form at the end of my bed. I called out my son’s name, but he didn’t answer. Staring longer at this unrecognizable form my heart begins to immediately pound when I realize it isn’t my son. My eyes were locked onto it. The soft green light from the clock doesn’t allow my mind to understand what I am looking at, but the presence seems to get closer to the edge of the bed and my feet. I sit up in a flash, pulling myself away as my brain whirls with the frantic and chaotic thoughts I can’t control. I wanted to scream for my husband, but the fear was so intense I couldn’t move my mouth.  It almost felt like a dream, like it couldn’t be real and I wanted to glance over to see if my husband was even there, but I felt that the moment I took my eyes off this overpowering presence it would be the moment it would consume me. I tried to call out to my husband and only produced a short breath. Finally as the fear was quickly eating away at me, I reached over and placed ashaking hand on my husband’s back. Forcing myself to move was scary. I didn’t know if this thing would attack if I did. But with a few quick shakes my husband stirred and I barely whispered his name.  My eyes still petrified on this figure then watched as it seemed to drift away from the bed and fade into the corner of my room. I jumped from the bed and flipped on the light switch as I clutched my chest with my shaking hands and hurried to check on my son.

Try falling asleep again after something like that. Pretty freaky.

I hope you are looking forward to the first sneak peek of my very first book, Soul Bearer. I will have that up tomorrow and will try to post another one next week.

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