Sneak Peek #1

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Here it is. The very first sneak peek from “Soul Bearer”  Book One of the Soul Bearer trilogy. I hope you enjoy!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

“When one of these pains in my back broke through the dream to reality, I opened my eyes.  As my eyes gained focus, they settled on a black figure standing just outside Nathan’s door.  For a few insane splintering seconds, I was frozen, terrified eyes locked on this indistinguishable figure.  It didn’t move and it didn’t fade.  My heart raced as fear turned to panic, and I pushed my feet to the floor of the car to move myself away from this menacing black presence.  I tried to call out to Nathan, but couldn’t form the sounds of his name. I couldn’t get away, but he was sleeping right next to it.”

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